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Winter is Coming: Take a Game of Thrones Cocktail Tour of NYC

Game of Thrones fans, it’s been a rough year. We’ve all been not-so-patiently waiting to find out what happened to poor Arya Stark, or whether the Wildlings made it over that wall. Now that the show is finally returning next Sunday, we can’t think of a better way to celebrate than with a toast. And, turns out we’re not the only ones — some of our favorite NYC watering holes are getting in on the action. Read below to find out where you can sip on delicious GoT-inspired drinks, and raise your glass to Westeros.

If you find yourself all the way downtown, head to Black Hound Bar & Lounge to try the Khaleesi, a fizzy concoction made with vodka, strawberries, and, of course, prosecco.